Reflections of Creation

One of the greatest things that God has given humans is the ability to see beauty in the world around us. I have never noticed my dog stop and stare at the beauty of a forest or the incredible colors of a sunset, but these things have the ability to stop me in my tracks in wonder and awe. This website is my attempt to capture some of the beauty and glory of an indescribable God by capturing reflections of Him that I see in His creation.


the beginning Tuesday, December 21, 2010 | 3

Well, here I am staying up late to see the eclipse and I thought I'd post a quick picture of it I just took. My goal is to still be up in an hour and seventeen minutes when the moon is in it's deepest shadow and should have a redish tint to it. But we have a pretty cloudy night so it may not be too visible that way here.

O, Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree... Saturday, December 11, 2010 | 5

I don't like hiking here - I love hiking here! Friday, December 10, 2010 | 2

Since I was asked why I quit blogging, I thought it would be a good idea to make an appearance. I should be back tomorrow with what has become a little bit of a yearly tradition-a shot of the Christmas tree. I would post it today, but, uh, well, the tree still isn't decorated.

As for today's picture, this is part of the slot canyon at Kasha-Katuwe. I know I've posted a lot from there, but it's just a fascinating place.

Reflections of Creation

the most important part of this website

I enjoy photography and I always find myself wanting more time to be outside with a camera. The idea of posting my pictures was born out of the love for my wife, Alison (, who hates it when I do not take my days off. This website, reflections of creation, is a way to force me to get out of the office from time to time and putting me outside where I love to be. While a creative outlet for me, I hope this is an encouraging site for you, and one which helps point you to the Creator of all this beauty around us. God is so much bigger and amazing than we could ever imagine, and He loves you and me! What an amazing thought! He loves us so much that He was even willing to let His son, Jesus, die as a sacrifice for us. That fact is more beautiful than any picture you will see on this website. I hope you know Jesus, but if you do not, please email me or go to Thanks again for coming and stop by again soon.

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